Guidance Counselors
Richard King High School
5225 Gollihar Rd
Corpus Christi, Texas 78412

About Us

We are here for your student and can assist in many different areas.  Our mission is to help your student be successful in school both currently and in the future. 

  • Kristy Scott (A - D)    (Foreign Exchange)   361-904-3600 x-22055
  • Elsie Salinas (E -Hi ; ESL)   361-904-3600 x-22060
  • Jodi Brotherton (Ho - Q Instrumentation; Welding 1, Health Science; Lead Counselor)   
    •   361-906-3400 x-22056
  • Katharin Walker (R - Z; AVID)   361-906-3400 x-22053
  • Isabel Vead (College and Career)  361-906-3400 x-22058
  • Melanie Christianson (Administrative Assistant) 361-906-3400 x-22051